Friday, February 22, 2008

Ritual Hearth - Evening Sky Blue

Not all Pagan folk are blessed with country cottages or crumbling Victorian manors. In fact a lot of use are living in regular, run of the mill homes without a fireplace or stone hearth in sight.

I've read about about hearth magic and always wanted to try some, especially on Yule or St. John's Day. I crossed my fingers and toes the last time we moved, but no such luck.

Enter Tasha. We were chatting one day and I brought up my complaints.

"Well...why don't you just make one?"

"A hearth?" I asked.

"Sure, a little ritual one out of clay."

The conversation quickly moved on, but the idea stayed with me. Why don't I just make a hearth? So I did.

The first one I made worked just fine, but I've modified this one to have more ritual space.