Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Win a Free Mug!

I am trying something new, and the outshoot is that there will be two mugs given away for January, and two ways to win!
 First way:
The first way is easiest. If you purchased something from me on SecondChanceCeramics, either in my Etsy shop or my Shopdelighted version, and you leave me feedback this month, you have a chance to win. The first week in February, I will choose someone from January's feedback at random, (using Random.org like I do my other giveaways) and the winner can pick a $20.00 mug that I will send them for free.

Another way to win is to tweet  a link to one of my items, blog about or pimp on facebook one of my items, and let me know about it here in the comments.
You can comment for each time you do it, and each will be a separate entry. Then I will pick a comment at random and mail them their choice of $20.00 mug too.  You can choose from either of my Etsy shops (AntB or SecondChanceCeramics, or my ShopDelighted shop.)

So, two ways to win!
Give me feedback if you purchased something,
Tweet, blog and facebook away! And be sure to comment each time with what you did!
The contest will be over on Feb.1, so you have a couple of weeks to get lots of entries in!  Why not go now and see which mug you will choose if you win?

Pintrest! I forgot pintrest!
Yes, pinning something from one of my shops is good too. Leave a comment for each pinned thing.