Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Beltane Giveaway!

Happy Beltane!!

Happy Beltane!

This year I am giving away a slightly second altar set.
These poor little dishes need a good home! They are sweet and gorgeous, but so unappreciated! If you don’t mind a little ‘personality’ in your pottery, this set is for you! Each one of these pieces has a little something that is not quite right. It is a small flaw for each one, but a flaw that would make it so that it would be hard to sell in the shop.
But each one looks great, and will work well on the altar.

Since these all look so well together too, I decided to make them a set.
If you would like to win them, just leave a comment along with how I can contact you (your etsy name, twitter, facebook, or something!).

In your comment let me know how your Spring is going, and your plans for Summer.
Comments will be open until Midnight, May 2 (Monday night). Then I will choose one comment at random to win the whole set. Its that easy!

And while you are out and about, please check out my shop on Etsy,
So, get to commenting, and HAPPY BELTANE!

EDIT: Some folks tell me they cannot comment here. If that happens to you, please use the 'convo' feature at Etsy and let me know you are interested and I will put your name in the hat. Or let me know on the Regretsy forum, or Twitter or wherever you saw me post this. I will be sure to put you in the running.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grandma Doll Does Charity

* I donated these miniatures to, a charity shop on Etsy. This month's money will go to Jason, who will use the donations for expenses while getting experimental treatments for pancreatic cancer. Please check out the shop, and 'heart' Grandma's jugs!*

Grandma Doll needs to get her jugs reduced. She says her jug collection is way too large, and they are spilling out all over the place. They are in the way, and have to be lifted from place to place to makeroom. So much so that Grandma says her shoulders hurt from hauling them around. Her jugs are so big that when she lays down they fall into her armpits! That is way too big! Her collection, I mean.

Grandpa doesn't want her to get a jug reduction. He likes her jugs just fine the way they are. Grandpa begged her to reconsider, but Grandma insisted. Grandpa finally agreed to take pictures ofGrandma's overabundant collection.
Grandpa took a very long time photographing Grandma's jugs. It really seemed to cheer him up.

These jugs are about one inch tall. One of them hasa crack in the bottom, but it is hard to see unless you lay them on the floor and lie on top of them and smoosh them up toyour chin.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Congrats to Blayne and Berta, who won the Octopus and Rabbit bowls respectively.

I will be contacting them and sending the bowls out!

Thanks to all the commenters!
I do giveaways about once every six weeks, so check back often and play again!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Features and Freebies!

This week has been a great one for my Etsy shop. First, a treasury I put together was featured on the launch page of Craftcult.

Ok, it showed up at 2:30 AM my time, but I am sure the folks in Australia loved it.

Next, one of my items was featured on the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace Fanpage and had a sidebar on their blog. (You can still see the hearth they featured- just scroll down a bit- and while you are there, give me a 'like'!)

Then a treasury one of my rock boxes was in was on the front page of yesterday at 10 am central time. I actually got to see it! So much fun!
To top it off, the weather finally got warm enough and dry enough for me to plant a few things in my garden. It has been sitting ready for days, but the weather hasn't cooperated. What a
wonderful, truly grounding way to finish the week. (sorry for the pun).

Because I have had such a great week, I think I should share the joy! Remember the steampunk and rabbit bowls from last week's post? Well, I think one of them would look nice at YOUR house, don't you?
Just leave a comment below before tomorrow, midnight central time. On Tuesday morning I will choose a commenter at random and they get the bowl of their choice.

In your comment tell my which
bowl you like if you win, and how to contact you (an etsy name, facebook, blog, or twitter).
Also, if anything good has happened to you lately, I would love to hear and share your joy too!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I am going to be featured on Mind Body Spirit Marketplace

My Etsy Shop is getting featured Thursday on

the Facebook page for the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace.

Also, the day that I am featured on the Facebook page,

I will also have a sidebar on the associated blog.!/pages/The-Mind-Body-Spirit-Marketplace/138709911986


It is a great pair of sites,

so if you can, please take a look!


I have been trying to get decals to work, and finally think I've got a
couple of glazes that will work nicely.
Here are some photos of the nicest tries so far.

I like the vintage images, and I love that I can make a sort of
collage on the pottery with these.

Not only that, but I can manipulate images or draw my own
before creating them as decals so
the possibilities are endless.
I especially like the Steampunk bowl.
Eating oatmeal moves to a whole new
level in a well steamy bowl!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Etsy Treasury

This is a collection I made using Etsy's treasury feature:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day!

Today was April Fool's Day, and I made dinner.

The theme was PASTA!
We started off the meal with some nice spaghetti with marinara sauce. The vegetable was squash. For desert was a cake.

But really, the courses were reversed, the spaghetti was frosting looped over angel food cake with pureed frozen strawberries for marinara. I added a couple of chocolate chips and some green fruit leather when I blended the 'sauce' to look like spices.

The cake was a pasta dish (cooked elbow pasta with real marinara, cannelloni beans, bacon and farmer cheese) baked in a large cake tin, then covered with ricotta cheese. I decorated the top with a drizzle of marinara, and piped on some sour cream and sprinkled it with grated cheese and bacon bits.

Because last year's dinner was sooo very overly sweet, this year I really did make spaghetti squash baked in veggie broth as a side dish. I like the idea that it matched the pasta theme, and it looked great, all spaghetti-like, but still a veggie. Mother Nature's Faux Food.