Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wheel Repair

Two months ago my potter's wheel broke.
If you have never used a potter's wheel, the kind I use is an electric one with a foot pedal that adjusts the speed. The pedal on mine, one day, refused to shut off the wheel.
I called the company, and the wheel was still under warranty, so I sent in the motor and the pedal and they said they would check it out and let me know. (I have a Pacifica from Laguna Clay Company. )

After they had it a week, they called and said a piece had been damaged inside the pedal, and it wasn't covered by their warranty. But, they would replace it for free anyway, just as good customer service.

I was quite happy with this!

Unfortunately, there were some staff changes at Laguna, and my motor and pedal were set aside and not mailed back for another month. They were marked as having been sent, but after I called and said they hadn't arrived, they found they hadn't actually been mailed off.

That stuff happens, and overall I am thrilled with the service that Laguna has, and how nice everyone was there, dealing with them on the phone.

But, it does mean I have been without a wheel for TWO MONTHS.

I got my wheel back together last week and have been throwing like the wind. I will soon have a kiln full again, and hopefully will have new stuff for the Etsy shop within a week or two.

Meanwhile, I have been making things that don't need a wheel, and have been really enjoying that, too.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The winner of the Beltane pottery was Gherkin, of

She was one of those who couldn't post, but contacted me off Blogger.

I am sorry Blogspot wouldn't let some of you post! I hope they get this fixed before the next giveaway!

And, I hope your Beltane was blessed!