Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Alive!

It's Alive! , originally uploaded by antfiresbetter.

As you know, just after Christmas, I needed to move from a rented community crafts studio to a home studio. I have been trying to jump through the hoops with local authorities to get my kiln OK'd.

I had to move it once after getting it hooked up, so that meant putting in all new pipes. It had to have it's own gas line and meter (more expense), and they didn't like my 'think out of the box' vent hood ( but finally admitted it was terrific!)

But now.....The inspector finally OK'd my gas kiln set up, and we are thrilled! I made a trip to my local-ish clay supply to buy my glaze materials. I am waiting on my scales to arrive so I can mix my glazes and get started!

Hopefully, I will be up and running soon! Possibly within a week!!!

Though I think I have been saying that since January 1st, this time I may be right!!