Friday, October 19, 2012


The winner is the 8th comment, which is Ally!
Thanks to everyone who played!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Holiday Tree Ornaments

I wanted to have ornaments to sell in my decal ware shop, but couldn't think of what to do.
I found these porcelain ornaments online, and ordered some a couple months ago:
First I tried firing decals on them. Because they were already glazed, I held them off the kiln shelves with wadding.  The wadding worked, but the decals didn't. They were absorbed by the glaze and became invisible.

I was bummed.

But last night I was cleaning my office and came across them.  I had some Diamond Glaze (water based craft shiny coating) left over from another project, so I printed some Christmasy images from the Graphics Fairy and copied some from my own stash. I printed them onto tissue paper, and cut them out and tried to decoupage them on the rounds.
I made a terrible mess and the Diamond glaze reacted with the ink and the colors ran like crazy.

I was bummed.

  Then I tried adding my decals to the ornaments. That worked better! Even though they are all just black and white it still looked pretty good.

At first I used more holiday themed images. They looked good, but with the black and white they weren't that interesting.

Next I tried decals that would maybe not seem Holidayish at first glance, like cephalopods and bats.

I was pretty pleased with the octopus wreath, but I was downright proud of the flying bat Christmas Tree!

I let the decals dry on the ornaments, and then covered them with the Diamond Glaze to protect the delicate waterslide paper.

I let them dry overnight, and this morning they look pretty good!

I did have trouble getting the Diamond Glaze to be smooth. There are tiny surface bubble marks, and on the Weeping Angel there is a texture from getting the glaze on too thick.

I will enjoy these being on my tree this year.
Especially the skeleton one!

As a matter of fact, I think I will give one away!
If you would like one, just comment the one you like best, and I will pick one comment at random and send them the ornament of their choice.
Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you win, and if you like more than one, leave a comment for each one that you like. I don't care how many times you comment.
Here are a couple of pictures of all the ones I have finished.  I will assign a number to each of the comments and use a random number generator to pick.  I will pick tomorrow evening (Friday night).
Each of the ornaments also has an image on the back too.
 Oh, and please check out my shop and my other one or this one if you have a minute!
And Thanks also to  the Graphics Fairy and Theerin for some of the images!

This contest is now closed!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Etsy Front Page

This treasury made the front page of Etsy today. When I saw that my shop views were in the thousands rather than the hundreds, I figured something was up. Thanks to Andrea for making such a great treasury and including me!

Monday, October 8, 2012

More Tags!

According to the blog stats, the tags from the Graphics Fairy are pretty popular, so I thought I would share some more.
These tags are from a blog I just discovered, Stellar Four. It is an enjoyable read, and she also has these great printable tags:
I love the allusion to Alice, Harry, Snow and Charlie!
I can't wait to use these for Halloween! And you know Gracie's lunches are going to get some of these tags too!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Labels To Print

I just love the Graphics Fairy!
And she has come up with some Halloween Label Printables that are just wonderful! I have linked to them, just click here  to go to her blog and get them!