Thursday, February 6, 2014


We bought chickens just after we moved here. They were only 5 weeks old and we were told they would start laying in the fall, but they didn't. We've had a very cold and snowy winter. We knew they wouldn't lay in the winter because of the lack of light but I do check the nest boxes every couple of days, just in case.

A couple days ago we got another winter storm, and yet another below 0 spate is due tonight. I was adding hay and straw to the piggies, the rabbits and the chickens.  When I got to the chickens, only two came out of the house, so I looked around for the third one, and opened the nesting boxes.
And there it was, sitting in the nesting box. She got up, and there were four eggs!

One was still a little warm, but the other three were frozen solid. (Poor chicken for having to sit on ice to lay her egg!)
And they were all pretty large! 
It looks like all three laid eggs, since they are all slightly different shapes and colors.