Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I decided that everyone who posted on Saturday would win! So, If I haven't contacted you yet, and you posted, please give your address to me! You can convo me privately on Etsy.com. Just go to my shop, antb.etsy.com, and click "contact this seller."


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Freebieness Times Six

Last week was bonkers.
Seriously bonkers.

I had a two day sale in Chicago (it was very fun, and I met the nicest folks!)
We were trying to finish up our move (didn't quite finish, but getting closer!)
I wanted to fire another kiln full, but needed to make some more to fill it (didn't get that done at all)
The holidays are here (Solstice, Eid, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Yule, Christmas) and I haven't done anything for that that I want to (like shopping!)
And I was trying to keep up with sales in the shop. (Whew, I did that).

Anyway, there was no giveaway last week, nor a Monday Miniature, so as an apology, and as a sign of the giving Season, today I will be giving away several things:

A porcelain and glass pendant in blue.
A porcelain and glass pendant in green.
A porcelain and glass pendant in blue and black.
A dark blue chalice ornament.
A dark brown potion bottle with a cork.
A little hanging pot.

Leave a comment about the holidays, and I will choose commenters at random and send them one of the items pictured today. If you have a preference of what you would like to try to win, just mention your top couple of picks, and I will do my best to accomodate that.
Also, leave a way for me to contact you, so I can get your address if you win!

Happy Holidays!


(PS, sorry about the photos! That is one thing I have not gotten set up at the new house yet!)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

OUt of Town, Sorry!

I am out of town for this weekend! I will be having my giveaway on Tuesday, rather than today!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Winners, and other Business

The winner from Saturday's giveaway was MARS.

Her candle holder will arrive soon!

My moving is going well, but I feel tired. I promise I will blog more and better tomorrow. Or maybe Wednesday... or Friday....:D

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Freebieness and Thrifting in Chicago

My family spent Thanksgiving with my very dear friend, who lives on Chicago's Gold Coast.
While the rest of the family went home late Thursday night, my oldest daughter and I spent the night, and then the three of us went thrift store shopping.

Then darling daughter and I had to come back to town on the bus with our thrifty loot. Here we are with all of it in the train station, waiting for the bus.

I very much want to support Buy Nothing Day, but the chance to shop with daughter and friend was too tempting. So we compromised by buying only second hand goods and eating at home, wonderful Thanksgiving leftovers!

So to comment for today's freebie giveaway, why not let me know how you recycle, economize, or your favorite thrift store find?

And here is a photo of my giveaway pottery for today: It is a little votive holder, thrown by me, and carved by my younger daughter. It is made from stoneware, and glazed in Toasty Marshmallow. It is shown here with a tealight, but it would be big enough for most votives, even ones in glass.

I will choose a commenter at random. Be sure to let me know how to contact you in case you win!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Miniature Monday - Something Ain't Reitz

Grandma and Grandpa Doll got a big box in the mail. It was from a grumpy middle aged potter lady they know. They were very excited to see what it was, because they like to collect pottery.

But when they opened the bowl they were disappointed.

It was a big, big bowl with crusty things on it. The note said it was a platter miniature done in a visceral style similar to Don Reitz.

"Who the heck is Don Reitz?" asked Grandpa.

"Well, he is kinda messy, I am guessing, " replied Grandma. "What does visceral mean?"

They didn't know, so they looked it up.

"It means 'having to do with the viscera, or intestines,' " Grandpa read.

"Guts? She sent us a Guts Platter??? What the hell was she thinking?"
Grandma sometimes says bad words when she is confused.

They discussed it and decided to sell the bowl. Having a big guts platter hanging on the wall is not their idea of art.

Grandpa said, "It's too bad that potter lady spends her time trying to make things like that. If she just used her feelings and intuition when she made her stuff, it would turn out better. "

"Yes," answered Grandma, "I wish she would just make pottery that gave you an immediate emotional reaction rather than trying to get all fancy. "

If you want to buy this miniature, it is available in my shop on Etsy.