Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Freebieness and Thrifting in Chicago

My family spent Thanksgiving with my very dear friend, who lives on Chicago's Gold Coast.
While the rest of the family went home late Thursday night, my oldest daughter and I spent the night, and then the three of us went thrift store shopping.

Then darling daughter and I had to come back to town on the bus with our thrifty loot. Here we are with all of it in the train station, waiting for the bus.

I very much want to support Buy Nothing Day, but the chance to shop with daughter and friend was too tempting. So we compromised by buying only second hand goods and eating at home, wonderful Thanksgiving leftovers!

So to comment for today's freebie giveaway, why not let me know how you recycle, economize, or your favorite thrift store find?

And here is a photo of my giveaway pottery for today: It is a little votive holder, thrown by me, and carved by my younger daughter. It is made from stoneware, and glazed in Toasty Marshmallow. It is shown here with a tealight, but it would be big enough for most votives, even ones in glass.

I will choose a commenter at random. Be sure to let me know how to contact you in case you win!


Mars said...

We buy very few paper products. I cut up old tee shirts, flannel shirts, etc and make them into rags for scrubbing and wiping. I've used old flannel sheets to make 6" x 6" hankies for the whole house too. Thus we don't buy any tissues or paper towels. I've also made cloth bathroom wipes, though we still use some toilet paper. Dh isn't fond of them. LOL Men. :-)


Teri said...

I love antb and her pottery! does that rhyme? I just love reading your adventures! Well Grandma and Grandpa adventures that is!

Sky Yoga Studio said...

We are forced to be financially more frugal than ever this year - we love clearance racks at Target & TJMaxx, but even more our local Goodwill which gets donations from the Outlet Malls among other things. My son and I are estate sale junkies and I make hubby pull into any resale, white elephant etc. shop I find - you never know what you can get. I'm with Mars on the rags too - I cut up every old scrappy towel and freebie shirt I get.

Doreen said...

I buy things in bulk from costco (for things that I can use over a long period of time). I also shop for things on craigslist and prefer to buy from there or from a local shop that carries consignments and estate sell items. I also search the internet for coupons and discounts and almost never pay full price for purchased items. I like to bargain shop.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

I live for Saturday morning and making the rounds of yard sales! One of my latest thrifty projects has been making roses out of felted sweaters for pins for friends. The cool part is they are cashmere, with alpaca leaves, from a couple of fifty cent sweaters.

Loquacious Chase said...

Many times during the week, I find myself reciting a little saying that my Grandma taught me:

Use it up, wear it out,
Make it do, or do without.

It's funny how many things I can repurpose right from my own home. I'd have to say that's my favorite way to recycle - by looking around my house and finding new uses for things I already have.

Graciela Testa Lynt said...

What fun! We don't buy anything anymore unless it's on deep discount and/or it's food or gas for the car (and that's if the fridge and the gas tank are on empty)! We've gotten rid of cable TV as well as cell phones, and lowered the thermostat!

Tarot By Arwen said...

Best thrift store find evah was a 1912 Singer Sewing maching--one of the old treadles. No longer have it but I loved that thing! It was tucked way in the back and I think no one really knew it was still there.

Laura said...

I love thrift stores. I buy old wool sweaters to make felt with and I love looking for vintage yarns. I also crochet my own wash cloths and dish cloths. I buy a lot of kitchen items at estate sales I love old serving dish's.

Linda Starr said...

Being thrifty is nifty; it's the thrill of finding just what I need that I love.

mrsb said...

I really have to try to make it on-line on Saturdays!

We are one of the huge greenies in our neighborhood. We compost, we recycle everything, we try to buy used or handmade.

Probably the most time consuming thing that I do is taking allll of those papers that come home from school for all 3 kids and cutting them up into note sized papers so we can use the blank size for quick notes and shopping lists. I hate that our district only prints on one side!