Thursday, November 17, 2011

In My Mail Today...

A couple weeks ago I saw that my handmade soap stash was getting low.

Now, if there is one thing that I just HAVE to buy handmade, its soap. High quality glycerin soap, or especially cold process made-the-old-fashioned-way soap is so much nicer than what I can buy in the grocery store!

So, I was searching on Etsy, and found a shop called Winter Rose Soap. The shop is small, but the soap sounded lovely, and the prices were amazing. I think I got eight bars. (My favorite is the Barry Beelicious Soap).

I got the package lightning fast, and the soaps smelled wonderfully good. I put bars around the house right away and began to use them. They were terrific!

After I left feedback, the shop owner contacted me, and thanked me for the feedback. I commented on how much I liked her soaps and how cute the hats were in her shop. She said she made Monster Hats for toddlers, and I asked for a price, but forgot to follow up on it.
Today, I got a big padded envelope in the mail, and in it were the cutest ever hats, including a little Mouse hat and an adorable pink monster hat that just fits my granddaughter!

There were also more soaps! I am so pleased, and my granddaughter put the pink hat on and is wearing it around the house because she loves it so much!

So, a huge THANK YOU! to Cathleen at Winter Rose Soap and Country Store on Etsy

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Amazeballs and CF4L!

This week, in my SecondChanceCeramics shop on Etsy, I was asked by April Winchell, the creator of the Regretsy blog to do a special order.

She liked it, and posted a photo of it on her Member's Only site.

(To get in, the password is cf4l )

Since then my shop traffic is through the roof in both AntB on Etsy and SecondChanceCeramics.

AND, I was offered to try out for a feature in a European magazine, and have been offered some features on other blogs.


So a big shout out THANK YOU to April, aka Helen Killer, and to all the Fat Jealous Losers who have been stopping by my shops!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Both Witchylana and Mars will get witch hat sets!
Thanks so much for commenting!

I hope your Samhain was as much fun as mine!