Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I am going to be featured on Mind Body Spirit Marketplace

My Etsy Shop is getting featured Thursday on

the Facebook page for the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace.

Also, the day that I am featured on the Facebook page,

I will also have a sidebar on the associated blog.!/pages/The-Mind-Body-Spirit-Marketplace/138709911986


It is a great pair of sites,

so if you can, please take a look!


I have been trying to get decals to work, and finally think I've got a
couple of glazes that will work nicely.
Here are some photos of the nicest tries so far.

I like the vintage images, and I love that I can make a sort of
collage on the pottery with these.

Not only that, but I can manipulate images or draw my own
before creating them as decals so
the possibilities are endless.
I especially like the Steampunk bowl.
Eating oatmeal moves to a whole new
level in a well steamy bowl!


Mars said...

I *really* like the decal pieces. Just lovely. I looked for them on Etsy, but didn't see them. Hope to see them soon!

Ant said...

I deleted the other comment, saying that I was going to hold on to the steampunk bowl for a while...

Instead, I think I will do a giveaway. :) See the next post for details!