Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Beltane Giveaway!

Happy Beltane!!

Happy Beltane!

This year I am giving away a slightly second altar set.
These poor little dishes need a good home! They are sweet and gorgeous, but so unappreciated! If you don’t mind a little ‘personality’ in your pottery, this set is for you! Each one of these pieces has a little something that is not quite right. It is a small flaw for each one, but a flaw that would make it so that it would be hard to sell in the shop.
But each one looks great, and will work well on the altar.

Since these all look so well together too, I decided to make them a set.
If you would like to win them, just leave a comment along with how I can contact you (your etsy name, twitter, facebook, or something!).

In your comment let me know how your Spring is going, and your plans for Summer.
Comments will be open until Midnight, May 2 (Monday night). Then I will choose one comment at random to win the whole set. Its that easy!

And while you are out and about, please check out my shop on Etsy,
So, get to commenting, and HAPPY BELTANE!

EDIT: Some folks tell me they cannot comment here. If that happens to you, please use the 'convo' feature at Etsy and let me know you are interested and I will put your name in the hat. Or let me know on the Regretsy forum, or Twitter or wherever you saw me post this. I will be sure to put you in the running.


Sandra D said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! I saw your post on the Regretsy forums and had to come check them out. As for my plans for spring and summer I hope to spend most of my time on the deck at the trailer with a cold drink and a pile of books.

Ant said...

Be sure to leave contact info!!!

j. said...

I seriously love all of your pottery. My favorites list has become less like an actual favorites list, and more like a preemptive housewarming/wedding registry, lol.

I also posted a link to your blog/shop on my Facebook, I have some other Pagan friends who like buying handmade, and I think they'll definitely dig what you have to offer.

- jecca

Jackie-O said...

Hi! My spring is crazy! Finals at College, taking care of my son with Aspergers .Shameless plug for my blog here
My summer will be spent going to the Rainbow Gathering as a member of a kitchen feeding some hungry people while the kid gets to go see his uncle in NY!!!
Your things are beautiful!

teragram said...

These are gorgeous! The man in my life is a pagan and he would love them! Email is margaret.ann.wood[at]
LOVE your stuff!

Shannon said...

Spring will be full of planting...we have healthy starts basking on racks in the kitchen windows just pining for fresh soil...soon, my dear ones...soon! I'll be a regular vendor at our local farmer's market this year, so both spring and summer shall be filled with wool craft. What a sweet offer you have made! Happy Beltane, indeed!

Alias said...

Truly gorgeous stuff. They're flawed and that's what makes them beautiful!

I'm having a gorgeous spring in my new home, planting my garden for the first time in years. It's the first time in a long time that it really feels like a season of rebirth. And as for the summer? Well, I'll be spending that trying not to over-heat!

melissa said...

AuntB - I love your pottery! I started following you on Twitter because your funky teapot on your profile pic caught my eye!

I'm an aspiring potter who just got my first wheel (shimpo) for Christmas. Most of my pottery is flawed, but I love it anyway! I'd love to give your pots a forever home! Twitter me at melissa_in_ga! Thank you!

melissa said...

I apologies. Spring is beautiful here in North Georgia, even though we've had devastating destruction a little farther North of me. The flowers are blooming and the dogs are loving the chance to chase each other in the woods. Summer - well, with one going to college and one going to camp, we'll be busy. Twitter at melissa_in_ga. Thank you!

Erica said...

Beautiful as always! Winter was a bit rough and it has left its mark on Spring's beginning, but I am looking forward to the rest of Spring and Summer's arrival. It's hard to be upset when the flowers are beginning to bloom!


Mars said...

Happy Beltane to you too! Spring here has been WET! It's time to put in the garden!

I am so glad to see you back making your pottery. Many of your pieces have become a part of our daily lives and rituals, I missed seeing your creative treasures in Etsy!

~Marcey - MiscMars on Etsy.

Just Me said...

Hey Ant! :) LOVE the set!! Spring has been hectic here, lots of bad weather, planning for a calmer summer with a trip to the beach :) See you around the Tree House! :)


Funcky Love said...

These are so beautiful! My spring is going pretty well. I intend to spend the rest of it catching up with some listing so I can spend the majority of the summer on new projects and ideas. You can contact me at my etsy shhop:

Thank you!

Stephaniemakesall said...

wow, you do beautiful work! Hello from a fellow Army member! I am wiccan.

Mary Thomas said...

Hi AntB! I'm WickdCreation on Etsy, if I should happen to be the oh so lucky winner, you can contact me there! This set is just gorgeous and I'm jumping up and down at the thought of a chance to win it!
My spring is going well, except that my herb garden still looks like dirt and the near tornado we had a few days ago destroyed all but one of my irises.
My plans for summer include finally getting a tan, spending countless hours in my inlaws' enormous swimming pool and cooking various things on sticks in our awesome fire pit. As well as drinking much rum and meade with friends and family! *Bliss*

bazookajenn said...

Your stuff is amazing! I would love to win the set! Im sure there are more deserving people that could win this, but hey, its worth a shot! : )

As for the spring/summer shenanigans, Im going to Disneworld! Trite, yes, but Im excited! LOL

AZL Designs said...
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AZL Designs said...

I think this set beautiful! Your shop and other pottery is as well! This Spring and Summer I plan to spend a lot of time with family out in the sun and planning wedding! I hope you have some great plans this Summer!

-AZL Designs