Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chair Envy

I was firing the kiln late last night (my second glaze firing - yay!) and browsing Etsy, when I came across this amazing shop, called ChairyBlossoms.
They take distressed and forlorn chairs, and make them... well... FABULOUS!

I want them!
Look at this one:

I can see this pair in my friend Sarz' apartment:
And this one would match my living room perfectly!

Anyhow, if you have fallen in chair- love, you can find these, and the others that I drooled over at
Oh, and get one for me, M'kay?

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for saying hi on my blog, just returning the favor :) Glad to be on the Witches of Etsy team with you...VERY VERY lovely work you do! And that is one funk-a-delic chair at the top of this post hehehe Makes me wanna put a disco ball above it and start playing inagaddadavida.....