Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Solstice!

Happy Litha!
For this Solstice, I am giving away a garden marker that says CREATE on it. It seemed appropriate, since so many people here are crafty, creative people! This was made from stoneware, and can be used indoors or out, year round.

If you would like to win this, just leave a comment along with how I can contact you (your etsy name, twitter, facebook, or something!).

In your comment let me know something you are working on creatively. Feel free to link to your shop, if you have one, or your Deviant art page.

Comments will be open until Midnight, June 23 (Thurs. night). Then I will choose one comment at random to win the whole set. Its that easy!

And while you are out and about, please check out my shop on Etsy,
So, get to commenting, and HAPPY Solstice!


aristan said...

What a lovely garden marker, AntB! I saw the one marked "Peace" there amongst the other markers for Chamomile and Lemon Balm in your shop and it made me smile. It'd be nice to grow some peace out there in the garden next to the tomatoes and sunflowers. I think Peace should always be grown next to the tomatoes.

And what am I creating? I'm making dishcloths! It may seem weird to make something I can buy for a buck or so at the Wal-mart, but every time I make one, it disappears. Something about the colors or the pattern, or just the fact that they're simple and handmade... well, Let's just say I've made dozens of these things and not a one of them is still in my kitchen drawer.

Here's a picture of the one I'm currently working on.

And you can find me over on twitter.

JewelRenee said...

Hi AntB,

What a great way to spark creativity. A direct reminder among the roses. As if to say "You've smelled the roses and they are lovely, now get to work!".

I'm creating ocean illustration over on Come visit and suggest suggest a new subject for me, Please.

HisOtherEAr said...

Hi AntB! This is HisOtherEar from the forums. I less than three your work!


Lori said...

Hi AntB, I really like your stones, A good reminder to those plants that wont get with the program! you have beautiful things in your shop, I am especially taken with the little hanging pot. I've abandoned my shop temporarily to make bird feeders with my son, we've been making hanging shallow feeders to sit by the windows. If I can ever get back to it, im stamping some links for a bracelet thats intended to be a wedding gift. Create is good advice!
Im at WaxPhilosophical on Etsy, thanks for the contest!
Nice blog you've got here!

smartwentcrazy said...

I love your stuff, AntB!

I'm multi-tasking right now. I'm about to finish a new dacoupage box and I'm also experimenting with resin casting.

JesterKat said...

I love this one! I agree with Aristan I'm just getting back to creating after a long dry spell, I'm playing with a sort of batik using crayons - it just sounded so fun. You can reach me through jestmor (AT) that gmail thingie.

JesterKat said...

Sorry, I lost part of a sentence there - this is why I usually don't make comments! I was agreeing with aristan about peace being next to the tomatoes, it just makes sense. Now I'll go off to hide in a corner again...

Jackie-O said...

Hi Ant B! What a lovely garden stone! I am currently not working on anything. I have been dealing with my fibromyalgia and haven't felt able to create. I do make cute little hairclips. Alas, I have no picture. If you want to know more about my life here is my blog: I am now a follower of you!

rengawk said...


Ohh doesn't have nearly the same effect as hollering it aloud...

I am going to do the crochet-along pattern featured here after I eat something and get my butt off the computer!

lindsaydud said...

I love this! Everything in your shop is lovely, too. I especially like the yarn bowls!

I'm currently working on a custom embroidery Etsy customer is giving it to her husband for their anniversary (I love knowing when my pieces are being given as gifts!).

I'm lindsaydud on Etsy:

Mars said...

LOVELY! I was eyeing those on Etsy. My daughter would love to add those to the other fun things we have in the garden for the fairies. Happy Solstice Ant.

Creatively, I've been working on stash busting and knitting up a storm. Right now I'm on a wrap/shawl binge.

Marcey - MiscMars on Etsy