Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two Cuties!

Shortly after my giveaway back in April, I was contacted by Blayne, the owner of Happy Zoo on Etsy, who
won the little octopus bowl. She wanted a larger one for her son for his birthday.

She proposed a trade, and one look at the adorable shirts in her shop made me say YES! My grandaughter needed one of those!
Luckily, her son's birthday was a couple months off, since my wheel broke shortly after we decided on the trade!

But, I got the bowl made and shipped in time, and she sent me the cutest shirt in return, along with a freebie, (that she says is a second, but I can't see any flaw anywhere!!) My grandsweetie LOVES the shirt, and choses it every time it comes out of the wash. The shirt is a really good quality T shirt, and the colors stay bright and sweet. I love the design we chose! Blayne was great about letting us get a pattern that wasn't in her shop but that she had available- And she didn't act like I was being super picky about it (even though I was, kinda!)

I think I am going to have to go back and get a few more shirts in larger sizes, because this is easily a favorite shirt all around, and I can see her wanting to have (at least) one for the next couple of seasons!

And, you gotta admit it! She looks darn cute in it too!

Oh, and she sent me this photo. It looks like her cute little guy likes the bowl! Yay!

(Both photos are used with the parents' permission!)


Blayne said...

Thanks so much AntB! Best trade ever. My son loves his bowl and wants to have cereal every morning now so he can use it. <3

I'm glad you may want more shirts later, because I just might need a cereal bowl of my own. :-)

Jacqueline Allard said...

What a cutie pie! and a beautiful bowl.