Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Imbolc!

Happy Imbolc!
This year the weather has been mild. Today I can smell spring when I step outside. I know it won't last, and winter will show us who is boss for another month or two, but I am enjoying today.

For my giveaway, I am offering a little goddess with some blue glass melted in her middle. This would be great for your altar or ritual space, and it is tactile and smooth.

If you would like to win it, just leave a comment along with how I can contact you (your etsy name, twitter, facebook, or something!).

In your comment let me know if you have plans for spring, or if you are still recovering from the holidays. :)

Comments will be open until Midnight, Feb 6, (Monday night). Then I will choose one comment at random to win. Its that easy!

And while you are out and about, please check out my shops on Etsy, and SecondChanceCeramics.Etsy.Com.
And you can also look at my newest shop on WePay, AntBPottery
So, get to commenting, and Happy Candlemas!

EDIT: Some folks tell me they cannot comment here. If that happens to you, please use the 'convo' feature at Etsy and let me know you are interested and I will put your name in the hat. Or let me know on the Regretsy forum, or Twitter or wherever you saw me post this. I will be sure to put you in the running.


PickleLady said...

Ant, I love your goddesses! My favorite Imbolc happening of today was trying to explain to my almost-8 year old what the groundhog has to do with anything. She's a good test for me. Sometimes too good...

PickleLady said...

oh yeah, you know how to contact me, right? Etsy, or the forums, or whatever.

JewelRenee said...

Happy Imbolc AntB! I have no plans for spring yet, but I'll make some before winter lets go of us. They'll probably involve some hands on learning for the kidlet.

Thank You!

Joy said...

YES! She's beautiful!!! Happy Imbolc, Ant! No plans for spring yet, other than finishing this (blank) that I'm making for (blank). I have an email on my blog account, or I'm a slyfroggy, or Etsy, or whatever.

Jordie said...

This is the first time I've seen your work, and I love it. These are beautiful! I'm on Etsy, Regretsy and Fiverr as plutorealm, and deviantArt as Pluto-Reaym. C:

Haley said...

Oh, AntB, she is beautiful! Thus far, I'm still waiting for Winter to show up! I got a beautiful coat just after the holidays ended and the sales started, but I haven't been able to wear it yet, it's been too warm. Oh well, maybe next year? :)

katskratchfevah said...

Oh Ant B, I love your work! You are a very talented individual :) My plans for spring are to finalize the purchase of our very own home and start seedlings for my garden! I will have a fenced back yard with a garden ready for planting. There is even a fenced trellis ready for beans or whatever tickles my fancy. I am really looking forward to this new year and what spring will bring to us; hopefully sooner than later! Happy Imbolc!
You can find me on Etsy or the forums :)

Fae-La said...

awww, so cute! I'm from Regretsy, and Glad to have found your work. :)