Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mini Greenhouse or Hot Box

For weeks now I have been moving seedlings off my dining table and out into the sun every morning and then bringing them back in after dinner.  It was getting old! So, today I (with the help of husband Danny) made a mini greenhouse, or hot box out of some old windows,  two hinges, some screws and and old board. 

I bought the windows, hinges and even the board at our local Salvage shop.  (You could also check out at  a local ReStore for windows. ) I had the choice of double paned windows or these single paned ones. (I chose the less expensive single panes, though if I decide to make another one I will get double paned ones so it can work better as a cold frame too. )
They were selling the windows for $6.00 a pair or
for 5.00 a single.  I bought two pairs that all matched and one large single window. They have boards there, as well as old door hinges. The hinges were 1.50 each and the boards were 1.00.  I also bought some screws.

Windows .................17.00
Danny and I put the materials close to where were wanted it to finally be.  We took the hardware off the windows, and Danny drilled pilot holes for the screws.

We (mostly Danny) assembled the four matching windows into a square with screws, to make a bottomless and topless cube.
The fifth window was just as wide as the cube, but a bit short.
Danny cut the board to be as wide as the cube, then screwed it to the top on one side. He hinged the fifth window to the board, hanging out a bit on the front for a lip to lift it by.
The bottom was left open to the grass.
Now it is ready to use!
I put in some small pallets for my plants to sit on, and propped open the lid with a small plastic toy so the inside wouldn't overheat. I will shut it this evening. It can be opened all the way and the top window leans against the house for really warm days, or if it rains.

If I make another one with the double paned windows, Danny will cut a board for the sides to make the top window slope, so snow slides off.
So, there you have it!
A mini greenhouse for less than 25 dollars. It is light enough that two people could move it easily, and would be simple enough to take apart- Just remove the screws for storage.

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