Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy Twelfth Night!

I was just looking at A Polar Bear's Tale and saw that it was Twelfth Night tonight. While I am sure you all are baking your bean cakes and mulling your wassail to howl at your apple trees,  I am not.
Instead I am working to finish up a kiln full of ware to fire during a cold snap of below zero weather that is supposed to come in a day or two. 
There is nothing nicer than a kiln to warm the basement and pipes during a frigid spell! I might just make some mulled cider to drink while it fires, though.

Since much of the Midwest US is getting hit by a snowstorm, I thought I would post pics I took while I took care of the animals early in the morning, just after the first big snow we had a couple weeks ago.
Happy Twelfth Night!
Down the pasture to the woods

Jaxon's first snow

Looking back up the pasture to the house

Along the neighbor's pasture fence

Into the woods
A bunny path in the woods

Old wild rose thicket in the woods

The rabbits, chickens, small hoop greenhouse and heritage piggies. 

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