Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby Squirrel

A couple weeks ago my husband and granddaughter were outside washing his motorcycle. A baby squirrel staggered over and lapped at the water. Husband put out some dry catfood and the baby squirrel ate it all.
Later that evening, I was going out to the garden. When I opened the back door a baby squirrel was sitting on the porch staring at the door, just like our cats do when they want in. I gave it some water and some sesame seeds, and it crawled into my hand and curled up.
I put it in a box out of the cat's reach. I also dusted it with food grade diatomaceous earth because there were fleas all over it. I left some seeds and nuts out along with some water.
The next day it was still in it's box, the seeds and most of the nuts were gone, and the water was dirty and full of nut bits. I found a dead squirrel at the bottom of our pine tree (it looked like it was attacked by a hawk). And I called a local woman who does animal rescue.
She asked us to care for it for a couple days until she had room for it and gave us some instructions.  We enjoyed our time with the little one, and were a bit sad to see it go. 

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