Monday, May 21, 2012

Early Tomato

          I have been gone the last few days at a sale in Pecatonica, Il.  Well, I have been home to sleep for a couple hours, but that's about it.
So, today I am catching up on shop things, and garden things. One of the tasks was to water the garden.
I have two beds of peas- one with sugar snap peas and one with English peas. I also have some plants in my glass box that are waiting until the peas are done, and then they will go into those beds.
I was watering the tomatoes in my glass box, when I saw a bright yellow orb. It was a ripe yellow cherry tomato!

I have never had any tomatoes from my garden before the 4th of July, let alone the END OF MAY!
I can hear what you are thinking:
"Pics or it didn't happen?"
OK then!

                                                  It was delicious!

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