Wednesday, June 19, 2013

West Elm Popup Shop!

While I am packing for the move, I'm also firing a bunch of things for the West Elm Pop up Shop this Saturday!
I'm not sure how much to bring, so I'm bringing as much as will fit in my car.
Yeah, it might be overkill.
 But what if twenty people decide they want to throw away all the mugs they own now and replace them with an eclectic mismatched set of twenty SecondChance mugs?
And a teapot?
It could happen, right?

I always tend to bring WAY too much merchandise to sales, and I always tell myself that next time I won't bring nearly as much, and each time I end up putting stuff in until the car is stuffed completely full.

But for this sale I am more looking forward to the people I will be meeting than the sales they might produce. I know some Etsy admin will be in the area, and I hope they will stop by and see the sale. The curator, Jessica Jones is another person I can't wait to meet. And of course I love to see other local Etsy sellers, and some of the best will be there on Saturday.

I can't wait!

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rengawk said...

I hope it was awesome! I saw Jessica post about the event in my feed and saw your mug in the compilation graphic..."Hey I know that art!"