Monday, July 1, 2013

Moving Day!

Finally! We have the truck packed, the gas and electric turned off in IL, and the electric scheduled to turn on in OH (there is no gas service).  Tomorrow we leave. I wonder if I will be able sleep tonight?

It is such a huge change for us. There will be five females - Me (age 48) my oldest daughter Snow (age 26) Middle daughter Jasmine, (23) Youngest daughter Gracie (19) and grandaughter Melody (4). And our goal is to become as self sufficient food-wise as possible on the not-quite-three-acres we have purchased in Northern Ohio. It will be so different from what my little 'urban farm' has been!

While it is too late this summer to start much of a garden, I would like to put in some tomato plants at least, and some greens. Melody is allergic to lettuce and I don't like it much so the greens will probably be some that we can cover with cold frames to last us into the fall and winter, like swiss chard, spinach and corn salad. When I am upset or worried, thinking about my future garden really is a comfort.
Crazy, eh?

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