Friday, July 5, 2013

Independence Day!

We got the truck unloaded yesterday evening, pretty late.  It seems fitting to move into this new place on Independence Day.
Today we spent finding and unpacking the stuff we need to live for a while.

The local fireworks are showing tonight, but I am too tired to go, so Snow took the others so I can hit the sack early.

I love the new place.

Even though it doesn't have water yet.
Or a water heater.

I need a shower, so that little lack-of-water problem seems really important.

The handyman we've hired says he will be able to  get the pump from the delivered water cistern up and running on Monday, but no one will fill the cistern until it is inspected. We found another cistern that collects rainwater. It is hidden under a huge old bush, but we noticed that most of the downspots are diverted to join behind that bush, and some clearing away showed us the cement lid of that hidden cistern.  We also think that cistern is the reason there was thigh-high clear water in the basement when we first saw the house.  It seems to overflow into the basement when it gets full.

BUT, if it is full, we might be able to use that for watering the garden or washing the car, eventually. And actually, with the Clyde Cancer Cluster pretty foremost in my mind, I think cleaning that cistern, repairing it, filtering that water and using it for drinking might be the best.

Until then, we are buying drinking water, and washing up in the sink.

Well, Happy Independence Day! I'm off to bed!!

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