Sunday, July 7, 2013

Farm Views

We have decided to call our new place a farm. It isn't very big, but we do hope to get most of our food from it, so a farm it might someday be.
Here are some more photos of it.

You saw the house yesterday:
It needs painting, inside and out, and some boards repaired, and a new roof, but it is big enough for us and our studio (if we can get the basement dry!!) and it is shady and cool.

There is a small field off to the north:

That field goes to the fence, pretty close to the home on the other side.

And another bigger  pasture  in the back, that goes all the way to the trees, and about 20 feet into the woods to the west:

Altogether there is about 2.4 acres. The back pasture is about 1.8 acres. The side field is about .15 acre.

We would like to have a large garden, bees, chickens and rabbits, and maybe a cow.  I would love to have a pig, but they smell so bad, I'm sure the neighbors would complain, so I doubt I will do that.

According to all the self-sufficiency books, 2 acres is enough to raise most anything, but what the books forget is that a quarter acre is for the septic field, and really can't be used for much.  I think I may make mine a native flower garden for the bees.  It is sunny, and right by the driveway up front, so I need to make it look presentable.

The place is between Bellevue and Clyde Ohio, in a small unincorporated village called Colby.  The property has been empty for about 10 years, though it was mowed and looked in on by a neighbor, so it doesn't have an abandoned look.


Tygerlily said...

It is beautiful! I know you will make it even more awesome.

Jean said...

Wow! That is a beautiful place!

Wolf said...


Might have to come raid your pottery in Oct when I head up to see my parents}:P