Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chickens and Chicks in the Green House.

This is a video of the greenhouse, and the chicks and chickens that are living there.
I moved the chickens into the green house when they started laying in February because they tended to put their eggs in inaccessible places in the little chicken house.  And now the baby chicks are too big to keep inside, so they are in the greenhouse too. Its getting crowded, but as the weather warms up, the big chickens can be outside more.

The floor of the greenhouse has deep leaf litter which will go into the garden beds later in spring. As soon as we can, we will finish the cob chicken house for the adult chickens, while the pullets (young chickens that haven't started laying yet) can live in the portable chicken house. The next project is to finish the cob chicken house and fence in a section of pasture for the chickens. While I would like them to have run of the place, one neighbor is worried they will range onto  his property, so I'll be fencing them in.

With the heat lamps, the green house glows at night. Kinda pretty in the snowy pasture.

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