Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Giveaway and Freebieness!

I know I disappointed a few of you by not making it clear that it was not the teapot I was giving away. I am so sorry! (Though, I do have lots of teapots, and it might be a great giveaway sometime!)

But no, it is the small turquoise bottle that is the freebie this week. To one lucky person who is picked at random from all the blog comments this week will go this pretty little stoneware bottle with rope design.
If you don't have a blog associated with your username, leave me your etsy shop name, your twitter name or some way to let you know that you won so I can get your address.

Next week, my family will be spending Thanksgiving with a friend who lives in Chicago. I can't wait! She is an amazing cook, and I hope to get to take home leftovers! I will be baking the pies, and maybe the bread for the dinner, so that I don't appear too unhelpful.

What plans do you have?


mrsb said...

It's a great bottle!

Vital said...

what a cute little bottle!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Very nice bottle! Count me in the list.


Doreen said...

it's a cute little bottle - I can see it better now with the new photos you posted.

For thanksgiving I'll be going up to my parents - meeting with two of my sisters - and then all of us will be spending thanksgiving day with pregnant niece and her husband. We're having a feast - smoked turkey, fried turkey, deviled eggs, roasted butternut squash with pomegranite seeds, potatoes and who knows what else! There will be lots of leftovers ... and we'll have a great time cooking together.

Maritzia said...

It's just me an my husband here, and he's Canadian and already had his Thanksgiving, so we'll just have a quiet weekend. Hopefully I'm over my cold and can actually enjoy the time off *laughs*. Cause the Goddess knows I feel like poo today.

Larrikin's lurch said...


This wee bottle could have held magickal eye-salve; it would be right at home in an Egyptian tomb! And it's the turquoise of scarabs and royal seals. Just gorgeous.


Ginger said...

Love the color, shape and tiny cork. :)

Graciela Testa Lynt said...

This is a lovely bottle! What a nice shade of blue!

One of my daughters is cooking this year so I'm off the hook... Although her husband wants me to bring the mashed potatoes but, he said: "Tell your mother NOT to make the ratatuie..." I thought everyone loved the ratatouie (sp?) LOL!

Teri said...

Is there a little genie that pops out! Oh I sure hope so because my wish list is very long! This bottle is such a pretty blue. I hope I am not too late to be in the contest:o

Hybrid Hopes said...

I love the color, and other attributes, of the bottle.

I'm going to my aunt and uncle's home in an adjacent town. We're having a big every-body-pitches-in meal, and I'm excited. Too many cooks = a good time.

LaPellaPottery said...

I'd love a little bit of AntB!