Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winners and Cracked Pots (um...that came out wrong...)

Cracked Pots...
I am working frantically to fill a kiln. I have a teapot show that I need to send some teapots to, and I really wanted to send my newest work. I have some really lovely teapots I made this summer that will go if I don't get these done, but I hope at least one of these turn out!
Here is one I made that won't be going:

It turned out looking something like an egg with an erection. I don't have anything against well-endowed, happy eggs, but it cracked a bit too.

The funny thing is that I just thought it was gorgeous when I made it. But after taking it out of the kiln, I realized it looked...odd.
Odd and phallic.

Oh, well.

And Winners...
Athena's Armoury
is the winner from yesterday's giveaway! Thanks to all who shared thoughts and memories of their loved ones!
My giveaway for NEXT Saturday will actually run all week. If you comment on any of my blog entries this week (November 16 to November 22) you will be entered to win. You will have one chance to win per entry comment. (For instance, if you comment on all three entries this week, you get three chances to win! - But I will only count one comment per person per blog entry. If you comment 104 times today, that is still only one chance. But I will feel so LOVED reading all 104 entries!)

What will the prize be, you ask? Well, there is a *tiny* hint here on this blog. Up in the corner. No, it is not the excited egg teapot. Sorry. Look for the TINY picture. Click it if you wanna see it bigger.

So, thanks to all who commented, and please check back tomorrow for Miniature Monday. See what Grandpa and Grandma Doll are up to now! (and don't forget to comment for your chance to win on Saturday!)


Maritzia said...

*laughs* Well, there's nothing wrong with would make a nice item for working fertility magic.

I love the idea, though, and the egg shape of the teapot. I'm a big tea drinker since I had to give up coffee.

Doreen said...

I love the shape of this teapot .. and the glaze is lovely too... agree it does look a bit phallic - but I didn't see that until I read what you thought it looked like. Must be the power of suggestion.

Athena's Armoury said...

I'm so excited that I won your blog giveaway! I have been coveting a piece by you from my first glimpse into your shop. Thank you so much!

mrsb said...

Oh, how cool! Though I would have loved a chance at that teapot, lol! Love it!